Headshot – Post Production – MEN

Headshot, such a strange word for us Italians. For those who play video games, it even reminds us of when shooting at the head of the enemy. The idea is the same, only the “head” but with the usual strange “shooting a picture” effect that is, literally, shooting an image. Headshot is a real portrait category, often used for work reasons, curriculum, corporate portraits for institutional and social communication. Neutral background and maximum attention to detail, both from an aesthetic and an expressive point of view. It is a complex and team work between the photographer and the subject, for this reason it has a very different value compared to a quick passport photo. Generally an entire hour of session is spent in the studio and the same amount of time is spent in post production because, although you do not want to make radical changes, you must have a very high attention to the smallest detail. Here too, the representation of the person is as faithful as possible but, while maintaining total realism, you try to “soften” some small defects, especially temporary ones such as eye bags, pimples, out of place tufts and small folds in the visible part of the dress. To date, many CVs still lack such photographs and, in the era of personal branding, it is a real shame. Personal branding is absolutely not just for freelancers, but rather for all those who want to make the most of themselves, even from a communicative and aesthetic point of view. The same reason why you should not show up for an interview for what you are not, not even at the level of clothing, but certainly we all do everything we can to make the best impression. The image on the curriculum and on Linkedin are the very first impression we give, even before a meeting in person.

You can see the before and after hovering with the mouse on the picture, left before, right after. It works on mobiles too, just make sure you touch the picture on your touch device.