Headshot – Post Production – WOMEN

As I was saying in the previous post (here) there’s a lot of work behind a headshot. 

Usually, there’s even more when the subject is a woman. Why? Well you have to deal with hair for instance! Hair is a tough subject and if with a man you can pretty easily fix a little tuft out of place, with a woman who statistically often has longer hair you have to be very careful in post processing them. You must be very careful if you want to use the clone stamp tool and also you should go for a dodge and burn more precise and intense, to emphasize the use of light you chose in pre production.

Dodge and burn is a tool you often you more even on the face of a woman, rather than a man because it highlights the chin and facial bones while men often have a beard which hides them all in the first place.

Except for the technicalities, here is the before and after of this one headshot, so you can see what it is I’m talking about.

You can see the before and after hovering with the mouse on the picture, left before, right after. It works on mobiles too, just make sure you touch the picture on your touch device.