Free Climbing in Valgua

Climbing day in Valgua, Albino. Friends who are good at climbing invite me to do some training and I take the chance to document the day as I’m not very good at climbing!

Valgua is a beautiful place close to home, only 15km from Bergamo and it offers various types of pitches, from some 5b quite easy up to degrees far more challenging and for few.

How to get there: From Bergamo take the road to Val Seriana, at Albino turn left towards Bondo Petello. Follow the directions for the Albino-Selvino cable car and once you reach it turn right. After a short up and down, turn left along via Valgua. Park the car on the square before the sport fishing pond. Take and follow the path that starts from the square and runs through the narrow valley. It will quickly take you to the different sectors (from 5 ‘to 30’).

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