Frattini Bivouac

Coming back to the mountains after a long period spent in the Polish plains. I call some friends to propose a night out and I have long wanted to go to the Frattini bivouac! We park in Fiumenero and take the path that leads to the Baroni al Brunone refuge. Near Piani di Campo we take to the left on an unmarked and little beaten path, so little beat that at some point we lose it and we find ourselves climbing through fields almost vertically. We cling to the grass to go up until we cross the path of the Orobie that leads from Brunone to Calvi and we are now close to the bivouac. Once we arrive, we arrange the sleeping bags and my friends go to do another little trip, I stay for a little pain in my knee and a show shows up in front of me! The bivouac surrounded by ibexes! At first I was a little scared and I remained in the bivouac but as soon as I saw a small space I ran for a photo. My friends come back and walk among the ibexes. A magical scene.

A beautiful sunset which is tough to forget!

And now 3 pictures of Michele Pagnoni, fellow adventurer.

Happy me here!