Rilecart – Follow the Right Wire

SkillsPhotography / Web design
Follow the right wire


Rilecart produces spirals for notebooks and machinery for creating wirebinds.

Rilecart called me to redesign their website and image. The whole process was long and with a lot of difficult technicalities but I had a lot of expressive freedom. I thought what else could a wirebind be? So I saw it as a building with glass all around and I had another professional design it and render it. Once I had the render in hand I could then photograph the people who actually work in Rilecart in order to “insert” them into the picture. We also came up with kind of a slogan so in the render we added a billboard and I created the slogan following the same graphic idea of Rilecart logo.

As of today these are still the website, image and motto of the company.