Palazzo di Varignana – Portraits and still life

ClientPalazzo di Varignana Food
SkillsPhotography / Still life

Palazzo di Varignana

Our brand represents a unique philosophy of a place of experiences whose core values are Tradition, Territory, Excellence and Health.

Modern and innovative techniques, combined with artisan experience, create high-quality, healthy and 100% Italian ground-to-table products. New modern and rational olive groves and orchards and the Rio Red Garden in turn offer products used also in the preparation of our chef’s dishes, in particular a selection of superior quality Extravirgin olive oil already awarded by the main international guides.

I have been called to photograph agri-food products made by skilled hands, in Bologna. My task was to shoot their products in a refined way. 

I shot twice for them and the first time was in Brera Temporary Shop, in Milan, in occasion of an event with Virtus Bologna. That time I had the chance to also shoot a portrait that ended up printed on Corriere della Sera – Milano.