ClientM.M.S. S.r.l.
SkillsFotografia di reportage

Bergamo, a working day

M.M.S. thought of a thank you to the work network and to the work mentality that starts from Bergamo and expands throughout Lombardy. A gift calendar was designed for customers and suppliers to celebrate the industriousness of the people of Bergamo and, in general, Lombardy.

Through 12 months and, therefore, 12 shots, the goal was to tell a typical day, in its intrinsic simplicity, without fireworks and nothing too studied. A pure reportage that told the day from 7am to 7pm, 12 hours, 12 stages. From breakfast to going to work, work itself, lunch break, work again and with the light that falls, returning home, where in the last image, in December, the intimacy of each home is represented,private life, where a person retires after working hours.

The project required several study days together with the company, 2 days of planning the possible shots and 7 days on the field, in order to be able to grasp what I had set in a completely natural way and never forcing the events.

Some photographs try to represent movement, speed, productivity, and include well recognisable elements of Bergamo in order to make even the single image tell that it is Bergamo. The other images portray the most varied works, mostly those that can be visible to the public and represent moments of the day not so much based on the work itself but for the time of day in which they are carried out.

The photographs were then printed together with the exact shooting time.