Branchino Lake

We reach Valcanale by car, in Babes and park just before the pond. From here a mule track starts leading to the Alpe Corte refuge and therefore to the Branchino. We reach the Branchino refuge in just under two hours.

The climate is definitely cold but while walking the only sensitive parts are the neck and the head, I didn’t have a cap with me or even a neck warmer. We proceed calmly alternating chatter and silence to enjoy the company but also the landscape in which we are immersed.

We have lunch at the shelter and leave for the pass. The wind, as we get closer, becomes more and more cold and strong, that wind that breaks your hands, even though we are not even at 2000 meters. The lack of gloves and a cap makes itself felt and we head back towards the lake. Almost completely still frozen; it is certainly not the usual May.

A little break for a beer at the Alpe Corte and Alex takes a picture of me in which he focuses on the mountains instead of me. I find it a symbolic image because what I want to do with this project is for the mountain and not for myself. So the focus is right not to be on me!

Spare the favor and shoot him a quick portrait!