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Before/After Federico

I’ve had a friend since we were children. This is him. One night I just took the phone, called him up and told him I had a photograph in mind and he was supposed to be the subject. He didn’t really care about having a new profile pic, he just said yes because he’s a friend and he supports me. That night, he hated me. It was January and I took him up onto the mountains. It was cold and the cold water wasn’t certainly helping.

Now you’ll see the before and after of the image and you might ask yourself why is it so different from the “original” shot. Thing is that’s how I had it in mind and sometimes you simply can’t have everything done in camera. You need to know where you wanna go, shoot accordingly and then get back to the studio and work on it for making it how you had imagined it in the first place.

Here is the before and after; hit comment to let me know what you think of it!


Before/After Freddie Mcgregor

Here how the shot came out of camera and how I post processed it.



Beside the color correction, which is based on my personal taste and in my own photographic style, I’m sharing this to let you see the post production work that is behind a portrait, when you care about details.

When I can choose, I don’t “delete” or modify things following the “beauty” rules, I fix what I feel is distracting so that the viewer can focus on the most important things within the frame. Shadows, lights that are not supposed to be there, temporary flaws that don’t distinguish a person, color reflections due to the environment and such.

Here a detailed view:



Making of headshot – post production

All, Personal Branding

Meeting Freddie Mcgregor


The importance of showing your face!

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Day OFF, Mountains ON


The Last Missive – Making of


Behind The FRUITproj – Alex

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Behind The Passions – Daniele

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